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Love animals? Make your passion your profession with this comprehensive guide that reveals a whole host of careers that work hands-on with animals of all shapes, sizes, and species in the tenth book in the Be What You Want series.

Do you remember what career you dreamed of having when you were a kid? Right up there along with firefighter, doctor, and astronaut, you’ll find veterinarian as one of the top kid’s dream jobs. This usually stems from that childhood love of a beloved pet or even the adventure of visiting the exotic animals at the zoo. But there are so many other careers that are focused around animals that kids don’t know exist.

Covering industries from domestic and exotic veterinary medicine, wildlife protection and conservation, farming and fisheries, research, and even animal training and handling (like police dogs), So, You Want to Work with Animals? explores what these jobs are really like—the fun stuff, the hard stuff, and even the gross stuff.

In addition to tips and interviews from professionals in the industry, So, You Want to Work with Animals, includes inspiring stories from kids who are already working with animals, activities, a glossary, and resources to help kids on their way to a successful and fulfilling career.

Publisher: Aladdin/Beyond Words

ISBN: 978-1582705965

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Love coding? Make your passion your profession with this comprehensive guide that reveals a whole host of careers working with code.

Behind the screen of your phone, tablet, computer, or game console lies a secret language that allows it all to work. Computer code has become as integral to our daily lives as reading and writing, even if you didn’t know it! Now it’s time to plug in and start creating the same technology you’re using every day.

Covering everything from navigating the maze of computer languages to writing code for games to cyber security and artificial intelligence, So, You Want to Be a Coder? debugs the secrets behind a career in the diverse and state-of-the-art industry.

In addition to tips and interviews from industry professionals, So, You Want to Be a Coder? includes inspiring stories from kids who are working with code right now, plus activities, a glossary, and helpful resources to put you on the path to a fun and rewarding career with computer code today!

Publisher: Aladdin/Beyond Words

ISBN: B01675A8JE

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2016 Outstanding Science Trade Book for students K-12!

"Using humor and straighforward descriptions, Bedell manages to make jobs dealing with death seem like perfectly natural career choices."--Booklist


Have you ever been excited by forensic science or psyched to dig up fossils? This comprehensive guide reveals a whole host of careers in the underrated world of the no-longer-living.

Covering everything from well known jobs like archaeologists, morticians, coroners, and forensic scientists to the not-so-well-known professions like studying dead stars and planets to playing a zombie on TV, So, You Want to Work With the Ancient and Recent Dead? uncovers a treasure trove of occupational opportunities.

In addition to tips and interviews from professionals in the industry, So, You Want to Work With the Ancient and Recent Dead? includes inspiring stories from kids who are working toward an exciting career in the area of “dead things” as well as activities, a glossary, and resources to help you unearth your interests and discover a successful career.

Publisher: Aladdin/Beyond Words

ISBN: 978-1-58270-546-0

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So You Want to Be a Chef

Do you have a passion for cooking food?

Do you enjoy writing about food?

Do you see the beauty in a perfectly plated meal?

Do you love planning events and parties?

If any of these questions sparks an interest in you, then the world of culinary arts is the place to be! Whether you want to run your own kitchen, share with the world the wonder of food, or just enhoy every aspect of food, So, You Want to Be a Chef? will help your culinary dreams come true!

This comprehensive guide covers everything you'll need to know to immerse yoruself in the culinary world. Starting with investigatin the different paths to becoming a chef to food presentation and packaging, this book lets you have your cake and eat it too when it comes to the professional possibilities fo being a food lover.

Publisher: Beyond Words/Aladdin

ISBN: 978-1-58270-437-1

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Finding Courage

Updated and Expanded

Available as an eBook

 What is it like to stand face to face with an invading army or an angry, screaming mob? Have you ever wondered if you would risk your own life to stand up for a cause you believed in? Leading a nation in battle, rescuing a fallen friend, feeding the homeless or crying out for peace---these are the actions of heroes. Have you ever wondered if there is a hero in you?

  Through the pages of this book, you will read the true stories of amazing young heroes. Ordinary kids, just like you, whom history forced into extraordinary situations. With courage and determination, they overcame fear and doubt, and chose to stand up and fight, to survive, to live! You will meet kids like Sybil Ludington and Pierre Labiche who understood that freedom is bought with a price and that price might mean their lives. Kids like Susie King Taylor and Ryan White who struggled in a world gone crazy and managed to make life better for themselves and others. And Claudette Colvin and Iqbal Masih whose courage ripped open our eyes to the injustices lurking in our own back yards.

  There are courageous kids on every continent, in every nation. From ancient China to modern war-torn Israel, they continue to fight for peace in their homelands, justice for themselves and others, and the right to live, learn, and grow in a world free from hate and tyranny.

  Through the pages of this book, you will discover heroic young people willing to step up, face incredible obstacles, and fight for what is right. Ordinary kids whose courage, imagination, and hard work changed and is changing our world.

Publisher: Beyond Words Publishing

ISBN: 13: 978-1582701103

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Saving Liberty


Dency Wright overhears her Uncle Samuel talking to a British spy. She learns that British soldiers are secretly marching toward Pepperell. They are on their way to ambush the minutemen gathering at Lexington.

Her father, brother, and the men of Pepperell are those minutemen.

With no time to waste, Dency rides through the night, rallying the townspeople to come and fight. “The British are coming! We must stop the enemy a Jewett’s Bridge!” At dawn, the women, children and old men of Pepperell are ready to fight, but Dency knows they are no match for a trained militia. It is up to her to find a way to stop the British soldiers, protect the people of Pepperell, and warn the minutemen at Lexington.

Publisher: Amazon.com

ISBN: 13: 978-1463617097

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Combating Terrorism

In Combating Terrorism, readers learn about the dedicated people, around the world, who are risking their lives to stop terrorists from completing their missions. From Europe to Asia, from India to the United States, terrorists are facing a growing number of groups who are fighting back. These groups protect likely targets, find and capture known terrorists, and work to eliminate the root causes of terrorism. Their goal is to reduce the possibility of a terrorist attack on any individual country, state, city, or town. By reducing the impact of a terrorist attack on peoples’ everyday lives, peace and prosperity will silence the voice of fear and oppression.

Publisher: Capstone Press

ISBN: 978-0756543099

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Teens in Pakistan cover

Pakistan is a young nation overflowing with young people. In a country of 165 million, those under the age of 18 make up roughly 45 percent of the population. They live in the remote hamlets of the North-West Frontier Province where the first generation of girls are learning to read. They live in the religious schools of Balochistan and Sindh where young men are diligently taught the strictest interpretation of the Qur’an. They live in the cities of Punjab and Sindh Province, where they attend private schools and learn English, math, and chemistry. Pakistani teenagers live in many different places and have many different life experiences. 

Like teenagers everywhere, they worry about school, argue with their parents, and wonder what the future holds for them. But Pakistani teenagers also face poverty, hunger, government and economic instability, and terrorism. They try to face the future with courage and are willing to fight for the chance to live in a better world.

Publisher: Capstone Press

ISBN: 978-0756540432

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Hildur Cover art

In 870 AD, the first explorers arrived on the volcanic island that one day would be called Iceland. The men and women who settled there, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, beside the last vestiges of ancient Ice Age glaciers, were a resourceful and hardy folk. They withstood fierce winter storms, plunging arctic temperatures, violent volcanic eruptions, powerful earthquakes, and the lonely isolation of this distant island.

In the eleventh century, Iceland’s governing body grew weary of civil war and grudgingly accepted the rule of the king of Norway. For the next 700 years, these fiercely independent Icelanders suffered under various foreign rulers. Then, in 1944, after finally gaining full independence, the people and the country began to flourish,

Out of this tumultuous geography and history emerged a unique oral tradition, which gave birth to these famous Icelandic legends. You will read the stories of elves and trolls, ghosts and goblins, as well as tales of scary monsters and thrilling mysteries.

“The stark and shifting landscape of Iceland is itself a storybook,” said folklorist Terry Gunnell. “These legends hold a particular wary respect for nature and a wry wisdom that states that we human beings are mere tenants on earth, with no control over weather, or ghosts, or wild creatures.”

Publisher: Interlink Publishing

ISBN: 978-1566566339

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