J.M. Bedell

-Author & Freelance Writer

2013 JM Bedell PhotoI spent my childhood daydreaming in hay fields, talking to cows, and finding new friends between the pages of books. Encouraged by a college professor to pursue a degree in Writing, I completed a BA in 1999 and a MFA in 2005, the year I also received an Oregon Literary Fellowship Award for Young Readers Literature.

My first project was the children’s musical Mischief and Eve which premiered in October 2003. The success of that play encouraged me to continue writing. My first book, Finding Courage: History’s Young Heroes and Their Amazing Deeds, was published in 2004. Since then, I have written several more books for young readers.

I also ghost write nonfiction books and web articles, and work on projects like writing and editing company training manuals. 

Today, I live in Gaston, Oregon with my husband, two dogs, six goats, nine chickens and a flock of noisy guinea fowl.